Electric vehicles

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Enabled by AI

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles Enabled by AI AI-enabled mobility and autonomous driving technology have improved significantly in recent decades and have paved the way for the future of transportation. Their driverless capability enables rising mobility systems that were not possible before. Experimental autonomous vehicles are taking to our streets, skies and seas powered by artificial intelligence. They might transport

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How long before you are driving an electric car?

Even Sony is now making its own electric car! So how long until we are all driving them? Governments and automakers worldwide are devoting billions of dollars to building electric cars, which will change theGlobal Economy,Car ManufacturingandThe Job Market. Consumer Growth Consumers are converting to electric vehicles hoping to preserve the environment, but there are many additional benefits: Cutting-edge technology,

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Electric Vehicle: Why Should You Buy One?

Have you thought about buying a fully electric vehicle recently? Do these vehicles even contribute to sustainability? Many people still have concerns about them. There are many fears, concerns and myths surrounding this topic. They include the price of the car, charging times, charging points, and how green they are. Fully electric cars are often expensive, and much of that

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