India is learning to love two-wheel Electric vehicles

India is currently grappling with various transportation challenges, including traffic congestion and air pollution. While other countries like the United States and China have focused on the widespread adoption of electric cars, India, the world’s fifth-largest economy, presents a unique

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Upcoming EV cars in 2023

There will undoubtedly be many new EVs on the market in the upcoming years, as every automaker strives to be the best! Well, the ones that will be available in the market super soon are causing quite a stir! Do

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EV Supply Chains and its Ethical Issues

Electric vehicles, or Emobility, are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The technology behind EV has been improving steadily, with recent developments including the development of lithium battery packs that can store more

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World of eMobility

At 27 / 28 / 29 OCTOBER 2022, EVrecruiter was part of the second edition of the World of eMobility at the Greater Expo Amsterdam in the Netherlands. World of eMobility is the perfect meeting place for all major players

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electric airplane flying

Electric Airplanes and Regulations

Are you worried about the environmental impact of air travel? You should be. Aviation is a huge contributor to global carbon emissions, and that’s a problem we need to address if we want to keep our planet healthy. You may

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