Electric vehicles

EV Supply Chains and its Ethical Issues

Electric vehicles, or Emobility, are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The technology behind EV has been improving steadily, with recent developments including the development of lithium battery packs that can store more energy than traditional batteries. EV supply chains present a range of challenges for automakers for its major part…the battery. There

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The Best Electric SUVs

  Electric cars and SUVs are two types of cars that are currently in huge demand, so electric SUVs are perhaps the most desirable models of all right now. These are some of the BEST SUVs in the market:  Kia EV6 – $40,900 The Kia EV6 is the company’s first dedicated electric vehicle, and it’s constructed on the same Electric-Global

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E-Mobility trends 2022

Electrical vehicles are becoming huge in demand and more popular all over the world. What will the e-mobility scenario look like in 2022 and what are the ongoing trends? E-mobility (Electrical mobility) includes all motorized vehicles with an on-board source of power and electric propulsion, which derive their power from rechargeable batteries. Electrical vehicle mobility has long been considered the

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